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La Fondation IPSEN at a glance

Created in 1983 under the auspices of the Fondation de France, la Fondation IPSEN tracks progress in biomedical research with the continuing aim of highlighting fundamental advances. Staying away from passing trends, the ambition of la Fondation IPSEN is to identify emerging knowledge and new paradigms and to foster the most promising interconnections between domains that have not previously been communicating.

By paying attention to the cross-roads of knowledge, la Fondation IPSEN seeks to facilitate the process of interdisciplinary fertilization and draw out its meaning. In the past decades, we have witnessed an impressive series of discoveries in all domains of biomedical research and clinical medicine. In addition to this significant growth in knowledge, new interactions are emerging between science and society, some of which are related to our very ideas about being human, while others deal with the impacts the biomedical revolution we are witnessing might have on our future.
To play a part in highlighting what is at stake, to promote the interactions needed between specialists in different fields of research, and to disseminate the most recent discoveries, la Fondation IPSEN facilitates interdisciplinary groups of clinical practitioners and academics involved in basic research to meet at regular series of meetings. La Fondation chose to favour excellence, continuity and an open-minded atmosphere. Because it was necessary to concentrate its efforts, the topics selected reflect some of the most important challenges for the current evolution of the world as well as of knowledge: the aging of populations; the spectacular development of neuroscience and its contribution to the understanding of cognitive mechanisms; the interactions between the great biological systems, such as the nervous and endocrine systems; and the medical challenges posed by the biomedical revolution, particularly in the science of cancer.
Over the last quarter of century, la Fondation IPSEN has organized over 250 meetings and produced several hundreds publications; more than 250 scientists and biomedical researchers have been awarded prizes and research grants. This report outlines the outcome of la Fondation IPSEN’s activity, which in the final analysis is composed of multiple encounters with the living and expanding heart of research. We are indebted for such a gratifying expansion to the hundreds of partners who have joined us in this intellectual adventure.

Yves Christen
Chairman of the Fondation IPSEN



La Fondation IPSEN organises several series of international meetings (Colloques Médecine et Recherche), as well as publishing reports on its meetings and awarding prizes to researchers who publish pioneering studies, to move forward together with science. La Fondation IPSEN has developed partnerships with international institutions and organisations, to encourage interactions between experts in various disciplines. These partners include the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Fondation Nationale de Gérontologie (FNG) and Harvard University, the Salk Institute, the Massachusetts General Hospital, and the scientific magazines Nature and Cell.

La Fondation IPSEN in figures :

64 Colloques Médecines et Recherche

more than fifty meetings organized in partnerships

64 works published by renowned publishers

210 issues of the publication Alzheimer Actualités

almost hundred international prize laureates

several dozen grant recipients

thousands of research scientists and physicians brought together

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